Welcome to our Spirit
In Apulia, a lively land, with a thousand faces, where nature gives its best, feeds on the light of the sun and is caressed by the wind, humble farmers work and tell stories of passion. An image which accompanies us since childhood is the image of fields full of good fruits, memory of a genuine and simple Apulia. The memory of games and carefree races, in an intimate and joyous atmosphere, among the golden fields and the rows of the vegetable garden, full of treasures. Our grandparents were farmers and were married throughout their lives to their dusty, magical and miraculous land, they worked with energy and enthusiasm in an old and incomparable landscape, an extraordinary place of love and dedication. They entrusted us with the task of enhancing our land, our roots.
The heart knows it, the skin feels it
Man and the earth, a relationship of deep love, care and wisdom, of simple actions whose roots lie in the art of sowing and cultivating values for the future, with gratitude towards the generous Mother Earth, which gives life, reawakens and is embellished with buds, as we listen to its strong and silent breath and patiently wait for the turning of the seasons.
Our treasure lies in the fields
This is how, every day, the beauty of nature repeats itself, giving life with love and offering its fruits, giving them into the hard-working hands of men who, full of gratitude, have been faithful and devoted to it for more than hundred years. This story started a long time ago, with tastes and perfumes and years of intense exchange between man and the earth, of energy and enthusiasm, of fullness and trust.