Three generations of love for this land
From Mom Damiana's diary, company's founder
The image I keep in my mind since my childhood is the one related to fields luxuriant and rich of crops, memory of my Puglia, simple yet genuine. I remember the raids, in a happy and intimate atmosphere, through the golden fields of grain, and through the orchard rows full of precious treasures. My grandparents were farmers and for all their life they stayed " married" to their land, dusty and fascinating, where men and women have worked, with all their energy and enthusiasm, in a landscape old but incomparable, extraordinary theatre of happiness and naturalness. With love and devotion, they passed on me the duty of revalue my land, my roots.
Peasant Spirit
Peasant Spirit comes from the making up of ancient traditions of Puglia which become a daily rite, a craft that re-values simple gestures transmitting the strength and the borderless and timeless rural passion. A passion for the nature and its fruits, capable of lightening the look and the soul of who is observing it and able to tell stories of emotions and sensations about people who daily use their hands with obstinacy and stubbornness among the harsh clods.
Each product has its own story. You read it in its colour, Its smell which is released when you taste it; a story connected to names, places. A story that tells about the emotions on picking the fruits given to you by your land; about the spirit in the air that you breathe and the happiness to pass on the passion which keeps us always together.