The Apulian climate and soil are suitable to the cultivation of this precious vegetable with many properties for the health and well-being of our body. Wild broccoli rabe is rich in minerals, calcium, phosphorus and iron, and vitamins A, B2 and C. Thanks to its composition, it carries out very important detoxifying functions, helping the body cleanse itself of toxins. It boasts valuable antioxidant properties, protects against anaemia and strengthens bones.


An elixir of healthy living that, according to some research, helps prevent breast, stomach, prostate, oesophagus, pancreas and colon cancer. It was also proven that it helps keep blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes under control, as well as protect the cardiovascular system and improve blood circulation. It is no coincidence that nature is the teacher of life.

place the frozen product in a cold pan with 20 ml of water per layer of vegetables, cover and cook over a moderate heat for 4 min. Remove the lid and cook for another 3 minutes.

Technical information

  • pack small basin oz 35,27 | carton oz 141
  • IFS International Featured Standards
  • Frozen product, ready to use
  • Puglia
  • Harvest time: october - december
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A concentrate of flavour with the advantage of lightness: these qualities are in fact concentrated in just 22 Kcal per 100 grams of product. A characteristic that makes them ideal protagonists in many traditional as well as contemporary recipes, suited to the new eating styles of our times.