Among the various vegetables that are considered as the most interesting in gastronomy , the typical Apulian king oyster mushroom is one of the tastiest, most delicious mushrooms, dark-coloured, fleshy and with an unmistakable flavour. It was already known and appreciated by the ancient Romans and was considered a manifestation of supernatural forces.


King oyster mushrooms are considered valuable because they are rich in nutritional properties: proteins, essential amino acids and important vitamins, including biotin, which is essential for the metabolism, and low in fat. They help fight cholesterol and boost the immune system.

immerse the frozen cardoncelli mushrooms in boiling water for 7-8 minutes, drain and complete in a pan with boiling oil, season as desired.

Technical information

  • pack bag oz 70,54 | carton oz 141 or oz 352,74
  • IFS International Featured Standards
  • Frozen product, ready to use
  • Puglia
  • Harvest time: march - april / october - november
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Our Chefs

King oyster mushrooms with their characteristic meatiness and flavour lend themselves to a wide variety of dishes, as an accompaniment to fine meats, as side dishes or on pizza.