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Who we are?

Leader in the cultivation of vegetables for excellent catering

In Puglia, a land with a thousand faces where nature expresses its best, there is the work of humble farmers who tell stories of passion. An image that has been with us since our childhood is the image of the fields full of good fruits, a memory of the genuine and simple Apulia region. Our grandparents were farmers and throughout their life they had a close relationship to their land, dusty and charming.

They worked with energy and enthusiasm in an old landscape that was incomparable to anything else and an extraordinary natural and happy place. With love and dedication they entrusted us with the task of re-evaluating our land and our roots.

What do we do every day with passion?

We grow vegetables cultured at the right point and intelligent

Fresher than fresh

5 benefits of frozen foods



Cryogenesis locks in the freshness and nutrients of freshly picked vegetables. Frozen foods are an excellent choice for those who want to ensure quality products without compromising on taste and high standards.

no more


Research showed that freezing food significantly reduce the amount of food that would otherwise be wasted because frozen foods do not spoil as quickly as fresh ones and can be stored for longer periods without any risk of spoilage.

always ready


Ready to be prepared and served in a few seconds. A plus for fast-paced kitchens and warehouse storage

food cost


With our vegetables you know exactly how to calculate the food cost per portion. An essential aspect to successfully manage your business.

food safety

is guaranteed

The safety of healthy, controlled and safely stored vegetables. The certainty of serving your customers with quality in every respect.

Reserved Production

It is the desire to bring back to the splendor, on our tables, the taste of the genuine traditions of Puglia, made of patience, healthy products almost neglected, passed on to generations from generations and saved from the oblivion thanks to the attention and the  care of our grandmother who transferred them to us.

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Inside it you will find a selection of our peasants tradition's vegetables of Puglia. So you can taste, test, them and you can use them with creativity in your kitchen and have more time for your business.  Request it from your trusted distributor or send a message to info@spiritocontadino.com to have more informations
To make every Chef a successful Chef

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Chef di Spirito is an album of chefs who embrace the philosophy of Spirito Contadino and who with creativity and personality, in a contemporary key, interpret our vegetables by telling themselves and by telling their own cooking story.
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